Private Onsen

The Japanese have loved hot spring bathing for a long time.
As there are many volcanoes in Japan, there are many hot springs.
Hot spring bathing makes your body relax and heals your heart.

People take off all their clothes entering a Japanese hot spring.
Our ryokan is equipped with gender-segregated public open air hot spring bath.
When going to a public bath, please take a bath towel and a small towel for washing your body from the guest room.
Please take off all your clothes and enter the public bath only with a small towel.
First wash your body with soap and then rinse thoroughly before entering the bathtub.
Please do not soak your towel in the bathtub.
Dry yourself with a towel before going back to the dressing room.

The initial impression that the onsen leaves on first time visitors is that of the "mysterious blue" hot spring water.
This specific shade of blue changes depending on the amount of sunlight that hits it.
The bottom of the bathtub is paved, and when the minute sediment particles in the onsen mix together with the swirling sulfur deposits the water color changes to a milky white with hints of blue.

Additionally, it’s known as the “hot spring of beauty,” said to be effective in beautifying and lightening the skin.
Guests can enjoy our public bath, superior onsen, and the private open-air onsen (2 locations) in each room using 100% freshly sourced hot spring water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The gender-separated public bath has been completely altered to feel like a castle town, and includes an inside area covered with tropical plants, giving it the feel of a greenhouse dome.
The bathtub features a dynamic stone construction, with its rear area having been converted into a cave bath.
We recommend the public onsen for guests who want to stretch their limbs out and focus entirely on letting their body relax.

Sunlight streams into the dome-shaped room, and flower-like sulfur deposits swirl about in the water.
Even when it rains, our guests can bathe in this hot spring without worry.
There’s an open feeling to this side, as well as something relaxing about the rustic cave.

Private open-air onsen

You can consider the private open air bath if you are reluctant to enter the public bath.
A charmingly rustic open-air onsen that lets guests feel close to the forest.
Our ryokan features onsen made with stone and rock, at two different locations.
Use hours from 15:00 to 22:00, and from 6:00 to 10:00.
Free of charge.
A first come, first served system, without reservations.
Please do not wash your body in the bathtub.
Please do not pull out the bath plug.



Open-air onsen in the guest room

All 10 guest rooms at this ryokan have an open-air onsen.
The design of each room is different, including an elegant cypress onsen facing a courtyard, a lovely rustic open-air onsen that lets guests feel close to the forest, and an open-air onsen with a spacious wood deck.













The fundamental concept regarding the Ryokan Guest Charge System is based on a per person charge with two meals (dinner + breakfast) within the capacity of 2~8 guests in a room.

 Airline routes

Total estimate: about190min

◎ Please use direct bus or JR from Kurokawa Onsen from Fukuoka airport.
◎ From Kumamoto Airport, take a Kyushu crossing sightseeing bus and get off at Kurokawa Onsen. About 5 minutes by taxi.

 By JR Train

From Osaka or Kyoto

From Hiroshima


A special discount ticket offered by JR railways, geared towards individual foreign tourists.
Ride as many bullet and express trains as you'd like (Nozomi and Mizuho trains excluded) within the given time period!

Accommodation facilities & more details

Internet access No
Internet connection charges No
Pets Allowed No
Onsen hot springs on accommodation Yes


Service & tax
Service charge included
Consumption tax included
SPA tax(150yen) NOT included
※ New Year, Obon ,seasonal periods such as the GW may be subjected to a different price.
Most common charge style Room with breakfast included (per person)
Room with evening meal and breakfast included (per person)
Child A : Kids couse Dinner and Breakfast with futon and amenity 100% of Adult couse.
B : Kids plate Dinner and Breakfast with Futon and amenity 8640 yen.
C : age0~6  1080 yen
Payment Cash
Cancellation ※Cancellation fee
1 week prior: 30% of the room rate
3 day prior: 50% of the room rate
Accomodation day: 100%


Name of accommodation Ryokan Yotsuba
Area YAMAKAWA Onsen(Japan-Kumamoto_Prefecture)
Address Yamakawa1426, Kitazato, Oguni-machi Aso-gun, Kumamoto, 869-2505, Japan
Use international cash cards and credit cards to withdraw Japanese yen!
7-Eleven (Seven Bank ATMs)

Address : 628 Uchinomaki, Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2301, Japan

Ota-Onsen, Kumamoto
離れの旅館 花心

Kurokawa Onsen(in Kumamoto prefecture)is always bustling with tourists. This ryokan stands quietly nearby, in Ota Onsen.
All guest rooms are separated in individual pet-friendly cottage-like houses equipped with private onsen baths using 100% fresh hot spring water.
The hotel, located in the middle of a forest, embodies a dreamy space characterized by the personality of the female owner.
Aso grown Wagyu beef enjoys a very good reputation too.

Yufuin-Onsen, Oita
Oyado Kotori No Tayori
お宿 小鳥のたより

The Onsen Resort with separated facilities for lodging and bathing, among others, scattered over a well sized land plot in Yufuin Onsen.
The hotel uses 100% fresh hot spring water from a private source with an ample supply. Private open-air onsen for all guests, along with a number of guest rooms equipped with their own open-air onsen.
The dinner consists of a unique selection of creative cuisine that blends Japanese and Western styles.
A location with a rich view that includes a close up of Mt. Yufudake, a symbol of the onsen region.

旅館 和み月

It is an inn in Beppu Onsen in Oita Prefecture.
All the rooms have an outdoor bath.
Hot spring is hot water of beautiful skin of sourced with source.
Fusion cuisine full of seafood and vegetables.
Because it is a good location 7 minutes by car from Beppu Station, it is also ideal for sightseeing access such as "Beppu Hell Tour".

Yufuin-Onsen, Oita
由布岳一望の宿 美星 (きらら)

It is a hot spring inn in Yufuin Onsen in Oita Prefecture.
All rooms have 100% free flowing hot spring open-air bath.
It is an inn that boasts the night view of Yufuin and the view of Yufu.